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Wedding Reception at a Restaurant

Deciding on an ideal venue for your wedding reception can be challenging at times. You have several options to choose from and you can opt for a hotel, catering hall or maybe have it under a tent in a beautiful garden.

The decision a couple makes depends on the time of the year, the budget, number of guests, etc.  There is yet another venue to consider for those who crave a fantastic meal in an elegant atmosphere: a restaurant venue.

We all know that in a wedding, food is the way to your guests’ heart and it makes the crowd feel welcome. Restaurants shine in this area of food and having the reception in a restaurant is like subjecting your guests to a four star experience. There are private rooms in many restaurants to accommodate receptions with some restaurants setting apart unique venues for special occasions.

To have a great wedding reception in a restaurant you need a few tips in your pocket which I have rounded for you.

Time of Year

The busiest months in the restaurant industry are November and December. You should consider having your reception anywhere in the year apart from these extra busy months.

Number of Guests

Restaurants have small and intimate spaces so the ideal number of guests would be less than 100. If it is a cocktail reception, you can settle for a higher number of guests but try to keep the number small for a more formal dinner.

Pricing Considerations

The price will generally depend on the number of guests and the time of the year. That said, considering that you book everything together; food, beverages, staffing and rentals, it tends to be cheaper than when you book everything separately. Restaurants have their distinctive look and their rooms are already decorated saving you expenses for decor which you would have paid for had you chosen other receptions.


Having a wedding reception in a restaurant is a great way to celebrate your big day, with the chief advantage being a slash on your budget. On the other hand, some couples may not be comfortable with the fact that the venue is already decorated because they would prefer a venue that is decorated to their specifications. However, you will find the decor in these restaurants appealing and there is a high chance you will like it.

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