What You Need To Know About Destination Weddings In Tuscany

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Wedding in Tuscany

One of the popular wedding destinations in the world today is Tuscany, Italy. It is known for its influence on high culture, artistic legacy, history, traditions and landscapes. The city is also regarded as the Italian Renaissance birthplace. These great features make it an awesome location for a wedding to take place. However, you should get everything you can on what you need to know about destination weddings in Tuscany. Some tips to help you are as follows:

Wedding planner

If Tuscany is the wedding destination of your choice, get a wedding planner who is experienced with local venues and vendors, or one who can recommend the best tours for your wedding party or honeymoon. There is nothing that can make a wedding a disaster as planning a wedding in a foreign country without someone who knows the region’s customs and area. A local renowned wedding planner would be a good choice.

The venue

There is a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the wedding venue. You can go for one that allows you to rent a facility and choose individual vendors separately. Alternatively you can pick a wedding package that is all inclusive. Whatever your choice, make sure you get details of your rental. Find out the duration, restrictions, extras you are privy to, minimal stays and any other pertinent information.

Reserve the celebrant, town hall or church

Since a legal marriage has to be conducted in a celebrant (symbolic ceremony), town hall or church, chances of filling up are high. Once you decide on a date, start looking for a location that will suit your needs. It is advisable to pick a wedding venue that will be close to the ceremony as most of your guests may be foreigners, thus they will not be familiar with the location. A good wedding planner may be able to help you with this endeavor.

Wedding date

When you are choosing a wedding date, there are some things you have to take into consideration. Usually the best time to get married in Tuscany is between May and September. During this time, you will get long days meaning you can enjoy outdoor venues and alfresco dining. Take note you will need to book your venue 10 months before the wedding date to be assured of a great location. Avoid august as most businesses are closed and it is quite hot.

Type of ceremony

The fact that the wedding is in another country gives the couple two options. They can get married in their home country and have a symbolic wedding in Tuscany, or they can have a legally binding ceremony in Tuscany. A legally binding ceremony in Italy can only be done in a catholic church or through a civil ceremony in the town hall.

Final Verdict

A destination wedding in Tuscany is a great idea. The city has a lot to offer and can be a unique location for a wedding and honeymoon. However, you should know it will require a lot of planning. At the same time, the cost associated with such an occasion may be marginally higher than what you would expect for a normal wedding at home.

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