The Best Wedding Photograph Settings for Fall vs. Spring Weddings

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Wedding is one of the big-days in one’s life. Everyone wants to capture the memories of this day in the form of photographs so that he/she can revive and enjoy these moments anytime throughout their life. for this reason the photographer has to consider several things to make suitable settings in fall weddings as well as spring weddings.

Photographic settings in Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding

The photographer has to consider color theme and types of flowers available in fall to make a suitable and decorative setting for wedding photography. Usually seasonal color schemes like gold, orange, mauve and cranberry red are preferably used in various mixes and match settings for fall weddings. These settings will not only make the environment colorful but also make everyone including the wedding couple look unique at this occasion.

One photographer who specializes in couples at City Hall in San Francisco shares these following tips:  While using color theme for photography in fall wedding flowers also play great role in making a suitable environment for the photographer. The seasonal flowers selected as per the color theme of the wedding can help in creating more beautiful settings for the wedding photographs. Amaryllis is one of the best flowers used during Fall wedding because of their availability in wide variety of colors to give a fantastic look to the entire atmosphere. The settings become more colorful for the wedding photographs if various other colorful flowers are used in combination to flowers of color theme. Along with the warmth of seasonal flowers and color theme traditional decoration lights can also help the photographer in making suitable setting for shooting memorable photographs of the couple and his/her guests.

Photographic settings for a Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding Couple

Spring is considered as the best season for weddings as all types of color themes, soft and classy as well as colorful and bold, suit to this season. Your big celebration can become more memorable if the combination of various color themes is selected for it as it will boost up the background of your wedding photographs. You can choose combination of chiffon yellow, seafoam green and tiffany blue for this purpose as the combination of dark and light colors will pair well with your wedding environment.

Like in any other season flowers play a great role in setting up suitable atmosphere for the photographers during spring wedding photography. The use of seasonal flowers like delphinium, tulips, anemone and daisies will give a sweet, elegant and colorful touch to the entire setting of the wedding venue as well as suitable for the photographer. If plants with colorful blooming seasonal flowers are used for decorating the venue then it can be more suitable setting for the photographers in combination with the seasonal color theme and flower decorations.


Thus, photographer can choose the best settings for the best wedding photographs in any season whether it is fall or spring wedding. Every wedding has beautiful decoration to make this big day memorable in one’s life. The photographers can also give their suggestions to the decorators make the settings more suitable for them. It will help in making their photographs more memorable as well as attractive for every viewer.

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