How to Select a Venue for a Bachelorette Party in Orange County

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October 9, 2017

If you have been tasked with planning a bachelorette party, one of the most important things is to find a suitable venue. The orange county is home to a number of beautiful beaches, resorts, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and lounges to choose from when planning a bachelorette party. Whichever type of venue you are considering, you should take note of the following factors:

Number of People Attending

The number of people expected to be present at the party will dictate several things; most importantly, the venue. You need to make sure that whichever venue you pick will be able to accommodate everyone. You also need to have a private space for the party so that no uninvited guests will intrude. Whether you want a private space for a few friends and the bride to be or a large space for dancing the night away, an OC event venue named ENVY, can give you what you need.

Type of Party and Venue Layout

Be clear on the type of bachelorette party you are going for. Your choice of venue should be made with the desired layout in mind. The layout is informed by whether you are planning a sit-down entertainment kind of party or one where you will dance to the wee hours of the morning. If you are planning a sit-down entertainment, there’s no need to have a large space for dancing. Instead, you need seats to be arranged in a way that everyone especially the bachelorette gets the best view.

Male Entertainment

After determining whether the bride to be would be okay with a male stripper performing for her, you also need to ensure that the venue you are considering allows such a type of performance or whether you will need to reserve a more private space. This is important because if not well handled, it could ruin the entire night for the bachelorette.

Drinks and Catering

You need to determine whether the venue allows or is licensed to provide liquor if the bachelorette and the attendees want to drink. You also need to choose a venue that allows seating that is convenient for caterers to serve food.


Your choice of venue should also be guided by the atmosphere you feel is ideal for the kind of party you want to have. If you are planning a night of dancing, you will need a venue with a large enough dance floor. You also need the right kind of music. This means that you also need to check the acoustics of the venue and determine whether you will need to hire a sound system.


Think about whether the venue can easily be reached by the people you have invited, how easily they’ll be able to get there and whether there’s adequate transport for people to get to their homes safely. It is better if the venue has regular taxies operating in the area so that people can easily get home.

Even as you consider these factors, remember that the choices of venue, entertainment, food, drinks and fun activities should be ones that will impress and satisfy the bride to be.

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