Napa Valley Weddings – How to Have the Perfect Wine Country Reception

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Napa Valley Wedding Venue

With its astounding beauty and wonderful climate, California’s Napa Valley is a dream wedding destination. The wine country that exudes romance with its miles of lush rolling vineyards, Tuscan painted hills, and charming boutique hotels and restaurants offers an incredibly magical place to tie the knot. It is a place where you can be assured of making memories that will last a lifetime. If you would love to have a beautiful and elegant reception in Napa Valley, the tips below can help ensure you have the best of times as you blow your guests’ minds.

Have a budget and stick to it

Most couples who are looking to get married tend to go overboard when it comes to the reception budget. Avoid over-spending money that you do not have to please people, and when the day is over, you are left miserable trying to pay off debts rather than enjoy your union. Thankfully, Napa Valley offers different packages where you can pick the one that suits your pocket most.

Choose a suitable venue

This will probably be the toughest decision you have to make in the amazing wine country. From vineyard settings, high-class resorts, restaurants, country clubs, private estates, select wineries and lots more, you and your soul mate will be spoilt for choice. Take time and go through a couple of options by checking out pictures online to choose the one that you love most. If it is possible, visit the venue beforehand to make certain it is exactly what you want. Don’t forget to handle things such as decorations, lightings, sitting arrangements, and all other details that are needed to prepare the reception venue so that you and your guests’ jaws drop when you first step into the site.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink for Wedding

No one wants to have a party without something to munch or sip on. To keep the party going, you need to fuel up the guests so that people take their time to enjoy themselves rather than yawn into the night. If you are not sure of what to offer talk to the chef to ensure you get something that will excite the taste buds of everyone attending your party. Alcohol can be served after dinner if you can afford. Coffee can also work as it will keep people awake to dance the night away.

Plan the Events Carefully

Do not bore your guests with too many events as they might end up leaving you and your life-partner to enjoy the night on your own. Other than the traditional events such as first dance, daddy daughter dance, etc keep the events to a minimal. You should also remember to keep the speeches short and sweet. Here, you can get help from your close and trusted friends or wedding coordinators from Napa Valley who can chip in when it comes to ideas to make the reception a blast while relieving some significant stress off your back.

Get the entertainment right

Entertainment should be a huge part of planning your wedding reception in Napa Valley. Ensure that the playlist is curated in such a way that it matches your taste. Where possible, it is usually best to bring in a live band. They know how to keep the crowds going, and they also encourage audience participation. Just be sure that they plan their breaks accordingly so that the music does not stop when it is needed the most.

Have a surprise end night treat

If you would like your guests to stick around and not wander off in the beautiful wine country, you should promise that they will be a surprise treat at the end of the night. It can be anything from acrobats, belly dancers, flash mob, group photo booth or you can perform a song with the band just to wow the crowd. If it is allowed, you can plan a private wine tasting at night for your guests just before they retire to bed. You want the guests to be talking about the wedding reception long after it is done. They should not only fly out to enjoy the gorgeous sceneries Napa Valley has to offer, but they should also have a fantastic time at your reception.


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