Is Gold Old? The New Styles of Wedding Rings Popular Today…

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Styles of Wedding Bands

Popular wedding ring designs like gold and white-gold wedding rings with oval or pear shaped diamond have become very old-fashioned and generic nowadays. For this reasons, wedding ring designers and makers are coming up with different design ideas that are not only uniquely beautiful, but the styles and metals have all the quality to stand the test of time.

Here 4 new types of metals and also 3 new styles that are tending in the world of wedding and engagement rings have been discussed next. So, do read on to know what they are:

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Rose Gold as the name suggests has a warm pinkish hue which is truly unique and gives off a very romantic vibe when used as a metal for creating wedding rings. In fact, rose gold has gained so much popularity for its unique color that it is now exclusively used to craft other piece of jewelry as well. Here it is important to mention that the overall percentage of metal alloys of rose gold is exactly same as that of yellow and white gold.

Black Zirconium (Matt Finish)

This new metal that is making a wave in the jewelry world is made by putting standard zirconium through a special oxidization process. Because of this process, it turns black in color. Even though it can be polished to have a high shine, but designers are using the matt finish option to come up with some exceptional wedding rings.

Tungsten Carbide

Weddings rings are prone to wear and tear as nobody takes it off, so using a durable metal to create stylish wedding rings was long overdue. Tungsten carbide happens to be a compound of carbon and tungsten. Hence, it is not only durable and scratch resistant, but it also has a very shiny and bright luster. As it has a permanent polish, so it retains this luster even without any kind of maintenance (compared to traditional metals used). Besides, it also happens to be hypo-allergenic.

Chrome Cobalt

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band

Following the same trend of new, hard precious metals is the cobalt chrome ring, which shines an illustrious shine of chrome and 5 times the strength of gold.  Because of this it is resistant to scratches and tarnishes, and can be worn with assurance that it won’t be harmed by knocking it around a bit.  Styles look great on men and are a very popular male wedding band.

There are also different styles used in rings today.  See 3 of them below:

Precious Stones/Colored Gems

The latest trend is using colorful precious stones in place of diamonds. A bright green emerald or a beautiful blue sapphire or a stunning red ruby can definitely stand out and bring that oomph that is commonly not found in generic wedding rings. This also gives an option to personalize the ring as one can choose a stone according to their favorite color or birth stone/lucky stone.

Square Bands

Square Wedding Band

Not only it is visually unique, but it is also practical to go for the square band style for a wedding ring. Because of the square shape, the ring becomes sleek which makes it comfier to wear than a standard round band. The edges do not constrict or pinch and allows stacking.

Vintage Style

A vintage design like Art Deco or Victorian style is technically an old design, but the beauty of this style is that it is timeless. Besides being glamorous, the vintage style can be personalized by adding other styles. For example, adding floral accent with this vintage trend will result into a unique and whimsical touch that will be special forever.

Beside these mentioned metals and styles, currently green gold and the use of colored diamonds instead of a traditional diamond are also being used to make wedding rings.

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