Festoon and Fairy Lighting for Weddings: Yes or No?

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One of the questions you will come across when planning for your wedding party is whether it would be a good idea to decorate the celebration venue with festoon and fairy lighting. If you ask experts, they would definitely recommend these lights and there are some pretty valid reasons behind that recommendation. Read on to get acquainted with the most important ones among them.

Even when planning a wedding reception, we need to follow a budget. Yes, there are exceptions, but for most of us abiding by a budget is essential. Being highly energy efficient, festoon and fairy lighting ensures that we don’t end up spending a lot on electricity bills. These lights are usually LEDs and consume as much as 90 percent less energy compared to the traditional incandescent lights. You must be wondering whether you should buy festoon lights for weddings and whether they would be able to light up the venue as beautifully as the standard bulbs. Rest assured; high quality string lights are capable of providing a warm, soft glow, exactly similar to the glow offered by traditional lights. This means, you will not need to compromise with the quality of lighting in the quest of saving on your energy bills.

Festoon Lighting at Weddings

The majority of the festoon lights are suitable both for outdoor and indoor applications. What’s more, some manufacturers are also making waterproof string lights for ensuring your outdoor party doesn’t come to a standstill if it starts raining suddenly. Another great thing about these lights is that they remain cool even after being used for several hours.

When it comes to versatility, few other decorative lights would score as impressively as the fairy and festoon lights. Other than using these lights for decorating the main party area, you will also be able to use them for decorating your rooms and patios. In addition, they can also be used as centerpieces and accent lights. Here’s another tip for you; if you hire an experienced professional for installing the festoon lights at the venue of your wedding reception, he or she will be able to make better use of these lights. These people are good at coming up with creative lighting ideas which will enhance the look of the venue even further.

High safety quotient is one of the main reasons why the majority of the users are opting for festoon and fairy lighting when it comes to organizing a wedding party. The high quality cables these lights come accompanied by ensure that people can concentrate on maintaining a romantic and intimate atmosphere instead of worrying about the safety of their near and dear ones.

The increased popularity of the festoon and fairy lights has forced most wedding party venues to prepare themselves for these lights. These venues have suitable points for hanging festoon lights from the ceiling (look around the ceiling to locate the fixing points). In addition, you can also use them to wrap and brighten up the pillars. These lights can be used to make the backdrop of the bar appear more attractive. They are even installed at the dance floor.

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