Charity Softball Games This SUmmer

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charity softball game

Charity Softball Games are games played, hosted, sponsored, funded and organized by well known personalities or organizations. These are done for charity purpose, as the name suggests. Here are news about the same, especially the ones that happened around summer this year:

On a small scale, the efforts put in by Mercer High School is highly appreciated

Mercer High School became the host for a charity softball game for the police officers of Hamilton during June 2017. This was done as a yearly contest of the school and it led to an earning of more than $8000 for the beneficiary of the school, namely Homefront. The police officers ensured that the impact on the students is a positive one while they were scoring, base running and hitting. Detective Len Gadsby, who is a coach for veteran Little League, played the role of the catcher and ensured that the students had proper grip on the bats.

This one is a globally popular event, the Donald Driver Charity Softball Game

The charity softball game by Donald Driver has made its return during summer in this August at Appleton in Fox-Cities-Stadium, as announced by his foundation.

Peta Murgatroyd and Donald Driver will each have a team on their own of “All-Stars” so that they can compete and be a part of the game, along with custom designed uniforms for the occassion. Murgatroyd and Driver were dance partners while they took part in ” Dancing-with-the-Stars”. It is expected that NFL legends and former Packers would be a part of the game along with multiple media personnels and celebrities. Names of particular players would be announced shortly.

This game is scheduled for 13th Aug at 1:05 pm. Ticket rates are:

a) $40 for a box seat at the front row

b) $30 for a standard-box-seat

c) $20 for a box seat that is a reserved bleacher one

d) $10 for admission inside the premises and being comfortable on the grass.

e) There are 69 of “All-You-Can-Eat” seats that are available at $80.

All of these tickets are available since 22nd March.

All money that gets collected during the game goes towards the Donald Driver Foundation.

Yet another world class event for a generous purpose, the Jordy Nelson Charity Softball Game

The softball game was scheduled for 18th June 2017. The fans of Green Bay Packers would have an opportunity to get the fix for offseason again during next summer. This softball game was held in Fox-Cities Stadium as per the announcement of the Wisconsin-Timber-Rattlers. In the previous season defense had lost the game for 2 points with the final score being 30-28.

Nelson is very happy to host the softball game this year too, as per his words to the media. Ticket rates range from $14 to $69. Fans could also get a ‘4-game’ ticket package, a week prior to the game. This package included tickets to 3 games of Wisconsin-Timber-Rattlers and the price ranged from $59 to $108.

There were outdoor seats, “all-you-can-eat-seats” and patio tables available.

Unfortunate turn of events for the Celebrity Softball Game of Richard Sherman

This year one of the events that gained a lot of importance, during the beginning of the year, is the softball game of the celebrity by Richard Sherman. It was announced that this year the event would not take place but we should look forward to a fantastic game in the next season.

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